Marmi Fior Company boasts, besides the working ot blocks of marbles for the production of floors, the creation of real works of art, such as: tables, wells, fountains, capitals, flower boxes and high-quality, massive marble facings for fires. All this is possible thanks to an accurate choice and a wide vari­ety ot the materials, to a refined taste and to the inventive­ness of high-class objects, both in ancient and in modem and in classical style. 


A unique design


The house reflects the style and personality of its inhabitants more, than ever.  Every piece of forniture tones in to create a unique and original arrangement. Marmi fior Snc offers a wide choice of stoves and fireplaces of different styles. The classical style matches harmonius lines to prestigius materials, both natural such as marble and handcrafted like majolica. The contemporary style plays with materials and signs to create an elegant arrangement with a relaxing and refined outcome . Trendy facings with particular  workmansship, daring lines and materials such as steel reach stylistic results of great originality.  A house, a stove, a fireplace for each taste....for people who love to  be surrounded by pieces of forniture that loyally reflect them.

We design and make custom-made fireplace!
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